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Cheers to 13yrs!

Wow! Who would have guessed I would still be chasing my dreams 13 years later?! I had no idea what my future held back then, but I'm so grateful I decided to push forward despite of that. After my celebration last year, I decided I definitely deserved a break. I had never taken a hiatus before. But I also never experienced a burnout before either. Not sure if it was from surviving that P word or just overall adulting, but your girl was not feeling motivated. Not until recently that is. During this time I've accepted that it's ok to take a break if this is my life's work. I am committed and dedicated to my craft enough to know that sometimes you have to take a step back to get the bigger picture (no pun intended). But in all seriousness, I'm back, better, motivated, and focused. I very much so look forward to igniting the flames that spark my fire. Welcome back to Haze being on her hustle.

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